Open Heart Surgery Treatment at a Competitive Cost

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With such an operation as open-heart surgery, the expertise of the doctors and the techniques they use is of paramount importance.

An Introduction to Open Heart Surgery

Any operation where the chest is opened and surgery is performed on the heart is called open-heart surgery. It includes surgery on the heart arteries, muscle, valves, or other related areas.

The definition of open-heart surgery is sometimes used for operations that include techniques that are performed through smaller incisions. This form of invasive surgery is still however classed as open-heart surgery.

Open Heart Surgery – Why it’s Necessary

If non-surgical techniques such as diet and exercise are not effective in treating heart disease, medication can be prescribed.

If the heart disease persists in causing discomfort, an invasive procedure is then performed.


To locate the arterial blockages in the heart, coronary arteriography is done using a procedure called cardiac catheterization in which a plastic tube called a catheter is guided through an artery in the arm or leg leading into the coronary arteries.

There are several types of procedures that are commonly performed:

Coronary angioplasty

This is a common operation called percutaneous transluminal coronary angioplasty (PTCA), also known, as angioplasty or balloon angioplasty.

A catheter is inserted toward the blocked area of the artery while a second catheter with a small balloon is passed through the first catheter. When the balloon reaches the blocked area, the balloon is inflated; this widens the artery allowing the blood to flow more freely.

Coronary Bypass

A coronary artery bypass graft is another common operation. connected to cardiopulmonary bypass machine

A healthy blood vessel is taken from another part of the body and is used to create a detour around the blocked coronary artery.

One end of the vessel is attached below the blockage, the other is attached above the blockage as a result, and blood flows more freely.

Heart Transplant

The most radical operation in open-heart surgery is that a transplant is needed.

The operation is complicated because so many blood vessels need to be disconnected and re-connected as one heart replaces the other. While the operation is taking place, the patient is connected to Heart-Lung Machines that keep blood circulating around the body.

As we stated earlier with such an important operation as open-heart surgery, the quality of treatment is paramount, but getting high-quality treatment at a much-reduced price is also attractive.

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